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Bandon Parish First Holy Communions 2016

Bandon Parish First Holy Communions.

May has at long last arrived. Preparation for the First Holy Communions have finished and the children of 2nd class in all the parish schools are counting down the sleeps to the big day.

Fr John Kingston PP, Fr Anthony O’ Mahony CC and Carol Hurley Do This in Memory programme co-ordinator wish to thank most sincerely the parents who helped out with the programme throughout the year. We acknowledge the tremendous work of the 2nd class teachers in the schools and we wish all of the children the best on this joyous occasion in their lives.

The dates for the first Holy Communions are:

Scoil Bhríd Crossmahon – May 7th @ 10.30am Gaggin Church

Scoil Phádraig Naofa, Presentation Primary & pupils of Bandon Bridge – May 14th @ 10.30am St Patrick’s Church

Gael Scoil Droichead na Bandann – May 21st @ 10.30am St Patrick’s Church

Scoil Naomh Sheosamh – May 28th @ 10.30am Gaggin Church


Sacraments 2016


Preparation for First Confession & First Holy Communion



prayerbookThe programme is designed to facilitate the active involvement of parents, parish leaders and the wider parish community in the preparation for First Holy Communion.

The celebration of First Communion is a sacred and important moment on a long journey of faith development. Together with Baptism and Confirmation, it opens the door to full membership of the Christian community.


On Enrolment Saturday the parents are presented to the community, invited to make a commitment to participate in the programme and renew their Baptismal Promises with the Faith Community. There are 4 main commitments parents undertake to assist their children leading up to First Communion as part of the Programme

  • To be at Mass regularly with your child and particularly on the Saturdays of the programme.
  • To foster prayer at home with the children and individually.
  • To enhance your participation in the programme and deepen your own understanding of the Mass, that all parents would read the THUMB Resource Book and the Grapevine Newsletter with your child
  • To reflect seriously about the celebration of this Sacrament

The dates of the First Confessions and First Holy Communions in Bandon Parish 2015 – 2016 are:


February 8th 2016- @ 7.00pm in St Patrick’s Church for Scoil Padraigh Naofa, Presentation Primary & Students from schools outside parish.

February 11th 2016- @ 7.00pm in Lady Chapel Gaggin for Crossmahon and Laragh primary schools.

Gael Scoil date to be decided by school and priest in charge.

First Holy Communion Dates:

Crossmahon School – May 7th @ 10.30am in Lady Chapel Gaggin.

Scoil Padraig Naofa, Presentation Primary, & students from outside parish – May 14th @ 10.30 in St Patrick’s Church Bandon.

Gael Scoil – May 21st @ 10.30am in St Patrick’s Church Bandon.

Laragh School – May 28th @ 10.30am in Lady Chapel Gaggin.

If you have any enquiries about the Preparation Programme please call to the sacristy where a member of the tem will help you in anyway.

Do this in Memory Masses:

Enrolment Mass – September 26th @ 6.00pm

Mission weekend – October 17th @ 6.00pm

Feast of Christ the King- November 21st @ 6.00pm

3rd Sunday of Advent- December 12th @ 6.00pm

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time- January 24th @ 6.00pm

3rd Sunday of Lent- February 27th @ 6.00pm

Holy Thursday – March 24th @ 6.00pm

3rd Sunday of Easter- April 9th @ 6.00pm

Children are invited to walk in the Corpus Christi Procession which takes place on Sunday May 29th after 12 noon mass.

Please note that all the weekend masses of the programme take place on Saturday @ 6.00pm. the only change to this is Holy Thursday.



Céad Míle Failte

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