Bandon Parish



Exams 2017

Wednesday June 7th 2017
On Wednesday 7th June our young people begin their exams. We as a Parish Community, support them by our prayers.
We pray that the students will draw on the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit that they possess and we pray that the Spirit will gift them with peace, wisdom and courage at this time.

A Students Prayer to Saint Anthony

O Glorious saint Anthony, divinely filled with the science of the saints, I place my studies under your powerful protection. After your example let my knowledge be grounded in the Heart of Jesus and the Heart of Mary. With the aid of your prayers, I propose to perform my studies as a matter of duty, with a pure intention and in a spirit of penance. Implore the Father of Light to grant me a ready understanding, a sound judgement and a faithful memory. Obtain for me the grace to work with constancy, patience and method. Help me to develop the gifts I have received from God, and to employ them for His greater glory. Pray God to bless my efforts, granting me success in my studies and keeping me humble in the midst of success. Amen