Bandon Parish



Farewell from Fr. Anthony

I want to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You to you all for all your good wishes to me.

Moving house is a bit awkward and getting to know new faces is a challenge – but your kind words and good wishes are a great help to me.

It is an honour to serve in the parish of Bandon as a priest. It is a diverse and lively parish. Many people have made that possible. They made it possible before I came here and will continue to do so.

A number of people especially the sacristans in Bandon and Gaggin, our parish secretary and members of various groups and organisations have made my time here a pleasant time and have made sure that I was never without help or guidance.

I would like to thank Fr John for being a good colleague to work alongside. I know that you will continue to support him. I know too that you will welcome Fr John O’ Donovan as he begins the next stage of his priestly ministry among you