Bandon Parish





Whether your living alone,or sardined in the one house at the same time. or you’re cocooning… there’s one thing is certain it’s not easy. We may-be snappy, tired and off form and that’s ok because for most people staying in all of the time under strange circumstances isn’t the norm. But while this is happening it can be a time to get the jobs done that were put to the back of our minds. We may even be catching up with a book we said we would read, and for some it may be a hard earned rest that never seemed to be coming. Whatever the case… it’s a time to reflect on what is happening in the world, in our country and in our town. Families are spending time together again, not rushing around as has become a way of life for all too many working households- there’s chatting among siblings and parents, homework is continuing in a different way, some of our older family members are  learning how to communicate through Facetime, whatsApp, Skype & Zoom and life is continuing just in a different way. 

For some people though, they may find themselves cut off from society and from all that was routine for them and part of their everyday lives. Some households may find the whole change of routine is having a very negative effect on members of their family and for others work or school may have been a haven for them, a relief and time away from what is hard to cope with at home….So we pray for the adults and the children who are finding this strange time distressing and difficult to cope with. We pray for the lonely, the downhearted, the weary and the frightened. We pray that we will grow as a caring community looking out for each other and minding each other. We pray for protection for our families, our friends and ouselves from this virus. Let us pray to hear the voices and laughter of children on our streets again. We pray that when life does return to what it was (and it will), that we will remember this time of looking out for each other and for taking time to care. 

Lord, Hear our prayer.

Remember whenever you’re in a positon to help someone, be glad and always do it because that’s God answering someone else’s prayers through you.