Bandon Parish


The Passing of a   loved one is always a sudden and sad shock to a family and friends. The whole   task of funeral preparations can seem taunting at this time. Fortunately, the   undertakers in the town are well experienced with the procedures involved and liaise with the clergy and staff of St. Patrick’s Parish to ensure the easiest   and most comfortable arrangements for the funeral.

Majority of deceased   from the Parish are buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, adjacent to the Parish   Church. If a family doesn’t have a plot in the cemetery or if the family plot   has become over subscribed, a new plot will be assigned to a family.   Unfortunately, it is advisable for families not to purchase a plot until a   time that it is actually needed. This should not prove any problem as there   is adequate space planned with the recent opening of a new extension.

Consultation with the clergy on the days of the funeral as to special requests and advice is always welcome and are always on hand to provide the family with whatever needs or wishes they may have.